Membership in Post 788 is limited to 15 members at a time. We accept new members once a year, in January. The application process works like this:

Applications accepted year round.

Early January applicants are notified of time and place for a "First Nighter". During the "First Nighter" prospective members and their parents are invited to hear about the Post and ask any questions they may have. After the presentation period prospective members will be interviewed to assess their attitude, level of interest, background and general desire. Usually more people apply than there are positions available for, the interview is a tool to help us to pick new members.

Two-three weeks after the First Nighter letters are sent out to all applicants notifying them of their status and any other pertinent information.

Febraury - Basic training for new Cadets begins.

The online application form is available at this link

Gresham Fire Cadets Application

Gresham Fire & Emergency Services
Explorer Post 788
1333 NW Eastman Py
Gresham, OR 97030
Email: info@gfdcadets.com

(503) 618-2355